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A spouse secret to save family drama

If there was one thing someone told me about being married to the military contact or welfare houses would be it. It would have saved the earthquake warnings going off on our street emitting from our roof shaking family argument and once I knew they existed meant I could go to a fabulous military function.

For those that already know about them share the message far & wide. For those that don’t, most barracks/bases have a contact house that you can rent out at a minimal fee for a period of time. They have a priority booking system so if a higher case up than you comes along you can be bumped off the list.

Should your spouse is on a short posting you can book one at the posted location to all be together again and it’s literally home from home. Starting with the Magnolia carpets, Magnolia walls, Magnolia lino and the same kitchen from the 1970s. If anything it is like you’ve just put your house in a new location. Hooray! Family time together & a new place area explore. Double win.

The Military do actually understand they send you an 8 hour drive from your folks and in a slight help provide super cheap housing alternative than a hefty hotel bill for visits. If you have people staying at your base then you can book them for extended family, second cousins and aunts etc to all stay in without turning your entire upstairs into what seems like an endless air bed. (Cousins may be disappointed on arrival the upstairs trampoline park is no longer in use, which they should already be aware of seeing as they popped 2 “trampolines”on the last visit).

Houses are normally are even complete with toys, games, books and DVDs. Bonus! Or if your small child is into superhero’s they may perchance upon batman colouring with batman felt tips! You don’t even get this level of detail at Centre Parcs tree houses. The slight disadvantage to Centre Parcs is you have to do your own bedding & clean up after yourselves but for the cost & ease this is done with gratitude.

Thank you so much Military for providing this special resource that is one of the most useful things I didn't even know about for at least 5 years while being married to the military.

Contact HIVEs for more information on local Contact Houses.

Belle x

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