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Circle of Trust

Upon showing a friend our logo, with the circle initially representing the wedding ring and our strong community but she commented “Well that’s the circle of trust? We are all in that one aren’t we”. To be honest, she’s right. I get an Id to get on camp, a house, a vague idea of what people in the military do. When married to my spouse I only signed the register, no Official secrets act and I wasn’t whisked into a room at any point and given a briefing on anything ever to be honest. However, it goes without saying don’t spread stuff online, don’t tell people things, keep Mum.

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Keep Mum is a ye old turn of phrase. Mum is a Middle English word meaning silent and so keep Mum in fact means keep quiet. Shhhhh. Having seen WW2 posters with this phrase on I thought it meant actually keep your Mum and don’t go talking to a beautiful lady who is probably a spy. WW2 posters are still seen about and have a lasting memory of don’t go talking to anyone about anything. The Hero’s working at Bletchley Park are a stoic example of this, some keeping Mum to the grave without even telling their families. It shows the lengths our country went to maintaining silence.

Now with the Information age upon us and the Millions of Facebook groups and Blogs of Military Spouses gabbling away the enemy can find you without you even knowing they are there or having a chat to them. And therefore, it is even more important for Spouses to keep Mum and be aware of anything they are posting online and how it could be perceived. Our Military Spouses are at war fighting an enemy and we need to be sure not to be spreading anything that could compromise the Military, or even ourselves for that matter.

Compromising the Military could also be considered the Media presence the Military markets itself with and how it gets to be seen. People want a Military to be feared and their presence felt, which is why the Media are also a threat to be wary. Words can spread fast, A spark of a sentence starts a bonfire that can set the media field alit. Even just a throwaway comment at the end of a conversation can ignite a story. Initial facts are long forgotten in the cascade of words they have now triggered. Not all sparks lit fires, the ground is mostly damp, but it’s best not to play with matches.

In summary Keeping Mum remains the policy, don’t advertise online things that clearly shouldn’t be and be wary of speaking to any member of the press without having a trained media professional with you. We are in the Circle of Trust all thanks to our love of a person who happens to have signed up for Military Service. We are in it without being in. Hurrah for all spouses who know this without even being told, without having to be briefed, and without causing the Military extra headaches. You are awesome.

Silence is Golden, so we’ve made each of you a gold medal for this one.

Belle xx

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