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Community Camaraderie

So our last blog post was just after we locked in and off we went. Figuring we’d all bunker down until it blew over and I’d write a blog post once it’s all blown over. To be honest T got a last minute long deployment, I had numerous kids 24/7 365 & my brain was trying to compute what was going on. Now my brain has started to re-engage and work out the world hasn't ended but it hasn't blown over I thought it was time to get back to blogging.

Community strength is one of the benefits of the military community and at such a time as this I have never felt more thankful I am part of it. Our small patch street has been sorting out shopping for each other, making cakes to drop on doorsteps, handing out sunflower seeds for a sunflower growing competition, organising street parades (with much applause from a 2m distance), arranging zoom quizzes and just general camaraderie and waving. As my other half was away for a longish period they literally all kept me sane and can’t thank them enough for their support (& some playdo - who knew that ended up being so essential, it was for our little one!) in our small street community. Our street is not just full of love (quote Queen Elizabeth Lockdown 2020), it’s bursting with it! (Aww you guys!!, I don’t think they read this but if they did I hope they are crying now).

However our community is wider than the military, wider than our town. The global community is all affected, however we are also all connected and makes me wonder how the kindness we show in the military, the strength of our support network can reach out beyond and connect us all together.

Our medals are just that a show of kindness so we can thank each other and show some support to all our fellow spouses! To show we all write everything in pencil, cope with a kit mountain somewhere and have had to cope with a Christmas deployment or 2. We have FINALLY (I did say its taken a while for my brain to re-engage) got these printed so you can buy them from our small little etsy shop... drum roll... Ta Da!! Married to the Military by M2tmShop on Etsy Ready to Send to anyone you know who is awesome or just to show a bit of support for those you know are dealing with deployments. They are at a basic printing costs & any profit made is going to SSAFA.

Firstly I am getting a Community Keystone card & posting it to that person (you know who you are) for keeping us going in lockdown, not getting a brain frazzle and organising zoom events. Secondly a neighbourly medal card for those others who have really been amazing. There's a few others too but you should check them out yourself.

Read more about Community Keystones on a previous blog Community Keystones (

Thanks for reading, I'll be zooming onto writing my next blog post now

Belle xx

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