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Community Keystones

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A keystone is the middle part of a Roman Arch. With it in the right place it can hold together a selection of bricks to make a bridge. Without it in place the bricks are all very strong, but when they all work together just look what they can achieve. A road to opportunities and new adventures.

Our Military Spouse community is held together by so many different keystones, building so many different things of all sizes and shapes. These people are the invisible glue holding our magnolia world together. We therefore think each and everyone highly deserve some recognition and our medal below is just for that. People who bring military spouses together and support its community aspect.

At your own base spouses go out of their way to organise coffee mornings, play groups, craft mornings, wine nights, book clubs, pub lunches. Nobody gets paid to do it or do it for the glory as let’s face it you don’t get any. They do it for you because they want to. The baton of wreath making getting passed on each year to a newbie so no one even knows who originally started it. The toddler music group Bev started, only to return 10 years later and find it is still running as people slot into the support role and keep the community running. The Military might not notice their purpose but it’s huge on the community. Without them the community crumbles.

The Internet allows the community to be come a technological network. Facebook being treasure trove of spousal support structures. Without attempting to mention them all just start searching for WAGs pages, Military Quarters, Officers Spouses, Forces Network, Forces spouses. All of these little groups were started by a wonderful human somewhere who thought it would be a good idea. They are often admined too, a thankless task but necessary nonetheless to keep the chaos information overload at bay.

The Structural Evolution moves on further, there are spouses who have started blogs, podcasts, businesses, weekends away, hashtags, co-working hubs even become MPs. Each of which we could write a blog on and all with an underlying support for the spouse community.

This is all before we even mention the actual official Military Community Support that is there and the never ending list of outstanding charities and networks here to help. Our website is designed to list as many of these as possible in one place so have a look here:

Our Medal Community Keystone is designed for everyone of these primary builders, however great or small their impact. They all make a difference and all matter to making the Military Spouse Community a network of Strength & Sparkle.

Belle x

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