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Electric savings! (& Gas)

Moving into a new quarter? As well as finding the kettle, and meeting your neighbours, don’t forget to CHANGE YOUR GAS AND ELECTRICITY SUPPLIER! In fact, if you haven’t changed gas and electricity supplier in your quarter from SSE -DO IT NOW!

Amey have a contract with SSE that puts all empty quarters with them “We have an agreement that Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) is the supplier of gas and electricity to all empty properties.” (Amey, 2020).

That means when you move into your quarter you’ll be on SSE’s standard tariff, definitely not the cheapest energy you can get. Why Amey haven’t negotiated some cheaper Military deal for having so many properties with SSE I do not know. Most quarters are dated, not the best insulated and can have holes with Ivy growing in, or newly fitted windows with gaps, you really do want to be on a cheap rate. (And get issues with your quarter fixed-call Amey for that.)

To check your tariff you can always ring SSE when you first move in and ask them what one you are on. Then look on a comparison website to discover the cheap energy providers out there- It is worth doing.

Here’s a couple of places to start your research

Don’t worry if you’re not sure of your actual usage as the websites will quote using the UK average. It’s the price per kWh that make the most difference. You’re paying for the same electricity it’s just how much you pay you are wanting to change.

When I found out a neighbour had been on SSE’s Standard tariff in their quarter for the last 3 years we did some maths. They spend over £1000 extra just for having SSE as their energy provider and not switching to a cheaper tariff! In fact, we found ANY other energy company on the comparison we did was cheaper than their current one. Thankfully they have now changed. Not that anyone can tell because electricity is the same no matter which provider you’re with. Bills just have a different logo, and they can now afford a holiday!

Other top energy tips are; Photograph meter readings on March In/Out. As estimated readings can cost you hundreds. Don’t forget to change your tariff/supplier once your current deal runs out (if on contract) as standard tariffs are extortionate. If you do get into an on-going dispute with your energy provider the Energy Ombudsman will help you with any disputes.

Just check your tariff and change if it’s cheaper elsewhere. It’s worth the time, saving you money you didn’t know you were needlessly spending.



Amey, 2020

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