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The Triservice colour that military spouses can relate to. No matter your posting Magnolia will meet you there.

Shakespeare said "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" however could Magnolia look even prettier if it was still called Magnolia. Taking inspiration from Kylie Jenner makeup palette where red no longer exists we are going to explore the colour of our quarters and see if we can find a more suitable, inspiring name.

Magnolia Blossom

Firstly a Magnolia tree is completely gorgeous and has bright pink blossoms which don’t quite match the colour found in our quarter. In our 21st Century modern world the name of Magnolia needs some updating.

For anyone not aware of just how Magnolia quarters are the example below shows how much of it is Magnolia.

Actual Photographs of Magnolia Features

Names that didn’t make the short list

  • Military Quarter (this would be helpful though if it was called this in B&Q so could quickly find the right paint colour. This name might work if you don’t live in a quarter.)

  • Aunt Beryls Beige Cardigan

  • Overly milky tea

  • Bantam Egg

  • Very light greyish, yellowish, brown

  • Old white plastic

  • Oatmeal

  • Pooh Bear (after the bear clearly, doesn’t work as well when saying out loud to friends.)

  • Wheel spin on gravel track

  • Opened cream (you know you’ve left it out a bit too long)

The short list

  • Ripe Wheat under the cloudless sky

  • Caramel Milkshake

  • Prosecco at book club

  • Over boiled pasta

  • Majorca Sands

  • Strawberry White

  • Seaside dreams

  • Heavenly Sunrise

  • Ground Rice Flour

  • Freshly Baked Gluten Free Bread

Drumroll.... the "redecorated" quarter now comprises of:

New Quarter Colours

In tribute to the previous Magnolia colour Heaven Scent is in fact the name of a type of Magnolia tree and Magnolia Heartwood is the name of the wood inside a tree (which is more closer in colour to our wall colour than its blossom).

The Wright Colour (after the colour of the plane of the Wright brothers aircraft, without which the RAF wouldn't exist)

Natural Merino (where the colour beige originally came from the natural colour of wool, Merino being a sheep breed)

Oolite comes from yellow oolitic Jurassic limestone that is a very close colour match and dappled like the carpets.

Chickadee are a type of bird that lays speckled eggs, like the lino floor.

Finally the kids room is now painted Sleeping Beauty’s Castle wall colour.

However 21st Century and trendy the names now are you will still need to ask for Silk Vinyl Emulsion Magnolia paint at the local hardware store when getting required test pot to cover picture holes on March Out (see glossary).

What would you rename your quarter colours?

Belle x

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