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Married to the Military Logo

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Browsing antique shop windows, you may stumble upon a sweetheart broach. Or you can pretty quickly look them up on eBay with your phones but you don’t get the tinkle of the bell and smell of history that hits your nostrils as you enter the endless cavern of trinkets. Occasionally people still wear them at Dinners and Grander Occasions but not as common as they once were. Worn proudly on a trip to the shops during WW2, a declaration of connection to the Military world.

Sweetheart broaches are just beautiful, and somehow very nonmilitary with their diamonds, precious metals and delicate nature. Not something that would come in to use on a WW2 battlefield. They are a symbol of attachment to the military without any uniform or being signed up yourself. They came into being during the First and Second World Wars and were given as a token by those going to war to their sweethearts back home. They reminded those at home where their hearts remained even while they were far from home. The wearer showing their pride at their loved one being away risking their life for King and country. Worn by not just those married to the military but by girlfriends, parents, even children. They were originally started from regimental cap badges, but jewellers soon cottoned on to the idea and precious metal and gems were added.

Our Married to the Military logo is inspired by these symbols of connection with the armed services. As all Sweetheart broaches are designed for a Regiments, Platoons, Ships, Squadrons and all other various groupings of the Services there is no generic Sweetheart broach. Several broaches however have a bar, in order to set the badge onto and be the clasp. Our logo therefore has the bar, divided into 3 . This represents the sky, land and sea our Forces protect and defend as well as the colours of the 3 services. We admit the Army Red is on the purple side as Purple is additionally the Tri Service colour.

The Circle on the Clasp represents the wedding band, the fact you are in this situation by marriage/commitment and "married to the military, however it also represents the fact you are in the circle of trust and are allowed on camps and access to places and events most people aren't. Spouses are a listening ear of the Military, we may not be part of the military but spouses are strength of the people in it. Thirdly it represents the circle of community that will always surround you and is one of the many benefits of being married to the military.

If you were lucky your sweetheart broach might have a diamond. We think anyone married to the military deserves this gem, so a diamond is centred. The Diamond represents the fact most people married to the military are very tough and enduring going through endless house moves and life changes. Diamonds also happen to be made from carbon, just like the lead in a pencil that we all learn to write our calendars with.

Being Married to the Military is a bumpy, stressful, heart warming journey. We hope like Sweetheart broaches our logo is a reminder of the pride of being married to the military but also of the strength and sparkle those married to the military have.

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