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Military Discounts

Being Married to the Military does involve a life of magnolia, writing on a calendar in pencil and kit storage wars however it also has many perks. One of those is Money saving or Military discounts. January hits and you really didn’t realise you spent that much on the credit card over Christmas it can pay if you know where to look.

Businesses are run by people, and someone at those businesses has more often than not written a policy that allows Military Personal (and often those with a Dependant card, ie spouses) a percentage off. Some even do it because they are feeling nice that day even though its not a written down policy. This can even include buying cars, houses, holidays, hotel stays, nights out, mobile providers, insurance, meals out. Well just about anything really.

The list is so long it actually would probably be impossible to write them all down without missing some out but a few of the ones we’ll mention as a thank you are (The Official One)

These websites are just an idea of how many there are if you start to look as have lists of lists. (aside - We do not control Third Party Websites, and are not responsible for their content or accuracy). Some of these also are only for the serving person to use, however its still worth having a look and you can always point them out to your Military Spouse for their next shopping trip.

A quick recollection of my memory and; Drayton Manor the serving person can get in free, Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle they get in free plus up to 4 guests, Nando’s gives you a percentage off, some car sales have a Military sales section. That’s not including the fact as a spouse you can get a HM forces railcard for cheap fares, Disneyland has a way of getting cheap tickets.

And those are just a few, the best plan is to just ask; Do you do Military Discount? Even some big chain shops do a Military discount.

From the Married to the Military spouse community we have therefore created our token of gratitude for every business however big or small who has ever provided for the Military Spouse community directly by giving them discounted shopping, free tickets or a hotel room upgrade. We all very very much appreciate it. Thank you.

Belle x x

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