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Thrown together on desolate islands and various remote locations sounds like a low budget tv show. For Military Spouses this is life. There is no aptitude tests, no interview, not much rigorous testing yet we are an important part of the military, moving away from our family to travel with the military. For those who met someone in a bar, got talking and went on to live happily ever after. Not realising moving to the ends of the earth was part of the vows, we salute you. The Falklands is an 18hr flight for those that haven’t been. Like a selection of randomly complied songs with the Spotify titled playlist “military spouse”, we come together. Being there for each other and understanding the pitfalls, lack of planning, kit storage issues and everything else that comes with our spouses affair with his job.

Living on the Patch means you only live next door to these amazing superhero spouses who support you through life including; the time you were in the middle of spag bol and ran out of onion, the time you didn't have a car and needed to go to hospital so borrowed a neighbours (as they were getting in their car), the emergency loan of a hosepipe, as well as the typical life events of marriages, deaths and births.

With births, as you'd expect there is overwhelming support and community spirit. The curtain twitching however goes a bit into overdrive as people are nose squashed at windows to look through into your home and see if they can see the baby or the bump (yes, I saw you looking Denise!). This can get extreme, so much so one road I heard decided it clearly wasn't obvious when the baby arrived just looking at peoples windows. This road decided a Stork would land on the front garden with coloured balloons. It was a huge success so much so I’m sure it led to a baby boom as the stork was flying around the street almost monthly. Another road (having heard of the stork, but not to copy them) decided on a more Regal announcement putting an easel with gold (spray painted) frame announcing the birth. Or for those without such announcements not yet organised they may get to waddle to their car, breathing deeply with road residents beaming on (as obviously we are all outside our houses the exact time they need to go to hospital) giving them a friendly wave & thumbs up.

So a HUGE thanks goes out to this amazing neighbourhood and spouse community, make sure to send a medal to someone you know that's done something amazing for you. What would you give them this medal for?

Belle x

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