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Never spent so much time together before

We have a rainbow in the window, a small pile of loo roll and now communication through Factetime with everyone we know. Welcome to the 21st Century of National Emergency. We are all locked at home with a supermarket sweep of food and Netflix to sit on the sofa for our Nation for 3 weeks.

To be honest it all went rather quick. One minute we were watching the plane arrive from Wuhan on the news, then half terms spent at Italy got everyone a bit jumpy and holidays were cancelled. At one afterschool group we were reminded to use hand sanitizer and not come if we’d been abroad, the next week there were only 6 parents ready to collect, all stood 2m apart. The next week it was cancelled and suddenly we were “locked” in our homes spending a LOT of time together.

Having T at home is an experience in itself when he’s been away for 2 months of the year so far. Our maximum time together is 2.5 weeks for our honeymoon decades ago. Thankfully the stay at home order came when T was actually home for once. Having got too used to T being away for 2 months it only took 2 hours before an argument started, about the most important topic; food.

T was home due to his next detachment being cancelled and asked what was for lunch. The cheese on toast reply didn’t go down well (I basically live off it when Ts away). T went shopping and as a few cases seem to be in Britain now, he stocked up. This also saved future arguments about what’s for lunch and dinner for the next 2 weeks. It also kept him busy for an hour with a 3D Freezer tetris game. I’m not sure we would have any food in without Ts proactive shopping, currently I can’t get a Supermarket Delivery slot!

Sounding like a Middle-Class Emergency when my biggest woe is not getting an Online food shop and may have to go to an actual shop, the possible lack of Avocado, telling my children there is no choice but to eat cornflakes for breakfast. Our time of “hardship” is another’s luxury, people are a lot, lot worse than us. For a simple example, we have enough coloured paper, pens and time to decorate rainbows on our windows.

Once we’d drawn our Rainbow and done a bit of school work we were soon in the swing of things. Well until the printer ran out of paper and ink. No more worksheet printing then which is a slight issue on day 2 of homeschool. The very helpful free teaching website has now crashed due to all the pro-active parents logging on to keep their children learning. My legs have seized up like a rusty gate hinge due to my new PE teacher Joe Wicks, creating more exercise than I’ve done in the last 3 years. My new crab like movement means I can no longer transverse the lego minefield unscathed and soon am impaled. I’ll just walk this off while the children escape to the garden and miraculous sunshine.

After a grey winter that went on forever and the grey clouds the Wuhan plane landed under have finally passed to blue skies and sunshine. The children play outside in our small garden and happen to find our little air rocket launcher we take to big open spaces. I heard the shout of “it’s gone over the fence!”. Thinking to myself they have put something into the neighbours garden I pull myself to the garden. “What has gone over the fence?” looking at the children’s concerned faces. “We shot a rocket through the barbed wire” (My spouse is Military, we live next to the base). Now is not the time to start a Rocket attack on the base, although looking over the fence through the chain link no one seems to have noticed the small plastic rocket appear. Phew. Doesn’t look like we’ll get a retaliation and can now spend our afternoon D&T homeschooling lesson creating a sellotaped poking stick to retrieve the yellow tube.

Everyone will have a story to tell through this experience as we all have our own situations, adventures and challenges to deal with. There are so many resources, facebook groups and people out there ready to help you whatever you might face. Being Married to the Military can have extra challenges if your spouse is deployed at this time. There is a huge network there for you.

Good luck and stay safe to all of our wonderful M2TM followers.

Belle xx

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