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Pink Chits

Med Chits, Bliff Chits and Pink Chits are military language you might have heard before along with other words that becomes the norm like magnolia, quarter, patch etc. The word Chit means a short official note and so a med chit is a doctors note normally informing higher ranks about an ailment. This could also be then called a biff chit, biff meaning you are broken and can no longer do certain duties. The is some debate as the origin of the Pink Chit, but we’ll go with pink being the expensive type of paper used to write a note on that allows access off camp, quite literally a Pink Chit.

Military types therefore drop into conversation they’ve got a pink chit for tonight meaning they are allowed out on the town/razzle/to the bop/latest turn of phrase for going out drinking with mates from work. Being granted a Pink Chit allows your serving hero a night out. Obviously spending all day with work colleagues, going on “holiday”* together and on weeks away somewhere with the Military isn’t enough they then need to go to the pub/mess/mini golf now they are home. Pink Chits therefore grant them that privilege. With Christmas fast approaching it would seem a good time to mention this code word that you may hear uttered.

To make it clearer to your spouse we at Married to the Military have created some pink chits for you to approve/deny absence from quarters requests with clarity. These are just for fun and not a binding document. We at Married to the Military take no liability as to the effects of granting a Pink Chit that may include being loudly woken at 3am with; (among other symptoms) spouse unable to open back door, rescuing spouse from neighbours flowerbed or rescuing kitchen from 3 am cooking experience.

Next week it will all be worth it when the babysitter is booked and pencilled in the calendar is the Mess Ball.

Will Belle go to the Ball? I’ll let you all know next week.

Belle x x

*I called it a holiday. The Military call it AT, adventurous training. Examples include; sailing round the Mediterranean or bike riding around Germany, scuba diving, insert your own spouses AT exped’s in here.

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