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The houses on our street are so identical a friend went into my neighbours house & started filling the kettle. Thankfully when a stranger entered to find out who was in his kitchen, her senses bought to light the fact the Magnolia walls might be the same but the pictures weren't. Rapidly she made her excuses and left before the kettle had even got switched on. Arriving at mine with a face that could camouflage a beetroot she will never forget what number we live at now.

Not only are our houses the same colour (see previous blog purely on the Colour Magnolia), they are the same shape, size and layout too. Just about, I mean who moves a light switch?! We'll come to the light switch issue later, but first... here are some benefits of identical housing to think about and get your mind off the Ivy/Mould/Leaking tap/broken heating etc etc.

Benefits of living in Generic Military Housing

· It’s home from home. When you move even if across the country or the world you get similar features. I love our Falklands house literally had the same lino as our last one, as will our next quarter. Trustworthy Magnolia (some might even call it Natural Merino) is there to greet you at every turn too so you'll never shocked by the wall colour.

· You might be lucky and get an avocado bath suite. Let’s face it no one has one of those anymore. If you are blessed with the quarter that makes you feel like you live in the 1970s you may as we’ll enjoy it as if you actually bought a home you’ll probably rip it out pretty quick. They are probably only found in Museums and Military Houses. In fact you might not even be able to buy Avocado bath suites anymore?! (Quick google, you CAN get a Bath Suit with an Avocado on it, when I spelt it correctly the Telegraph recently published an article about the fact Avocado Bath Suites are back in fashion, who knew?)

· You never ever go around a neighbours house & get jealous of their house as they are all identical. Or at least close enough. Just to have fun spotting the subtle differences between them and confuse yourself with the slight disorientation as houses are mirror images or flipped. It removes the need to compare yourself to others when you are all in the same magnolia boat. Although I did prefer the distinct lack of Ivy in my neighbours house, I'd keep my oven; you win some, you lose some. Only once I measured a neighbours kitchen as I'd swear hers was bigger, but turns out mine just had more stuff in and "felt smaller".

· There are 10,000 people ready in certain Facebook groups to give you ways to improve your kitchen. They probably have the same one in fact and will explain how they have converted it into a 21st Century Marvel. With the speed and style of Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen Changing Rooms and the make it at home Blue Peter DIY sticky back plastic budget you wont believe what you can achieve.

· Its like grown up university halls. We all live down a corridor of houses rather than rooms, all in a pretty similar situation and the majority of people on the street work for the military so are sound enough to trust with your amazon deliveries or feeding the cats.

What about the light switch though? Ours and a neighbours house are literally IDENTICAL not even mirror images. Except the loo light switch. I've no idea why but we had a pull cord in the loo and they had a light switch outside. Perhaps the electricians were short on wire that day so just put the light switch outside the loo. This meant one drunken house party they walked into the pitch black loo turning on the hall light as they went. That explained why the floor was so wet later.

What other aspects of living on the patch do you enjoy?

Belle x

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