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Shout out to my Ex! (friends)

This is a shout out to my ex

Heard shes been posted somewhere else…

Yeah yeah that hurt me, I’ll admit.

Forget that friend, I’m moving too

I hope we are getting better broadband….

Thank you to every friend, neighbour, community member who I have had to make a friendship with thrown together at a different base. … And then failed to keep in contact with over the various postings as moving, children and other weeds of our busy lives choke up the forgotten path of friendship. This blog is a big thank you for having me round your house for a body shop party when I only moved in yesterday, looking after my kids while I went to an emergency dentist and all else life covers in our little community.

To put it more visually the graph below summaries military friendships by comparing the time spent with people across the months of the year along the bottom.

There are enough book clubs, coffee mornings, pot luck suppers, school runs, circuits classes and dinner nights to see people quite a lot a month turns out. As noted by the graph you can see the seasons passing by and more hours are spent with people as you get to know them. Soon you are both going to the same circuits session, stopping for lunch after and planning dresses for a dining in night. Then the communication drop off as they are posted abroad or a 5 hour drive away. Farewell Debbie, I miss our book club discussions. Jessica, why did I find out you’re awesome as you were posted to India?! However, if you stay in one place long enough sometimes, they soon come back Debbie re-enters a couple of years later when she’s posted back to base, just in time for us to move.

A steady drum beat follows the telling of friendships, and then they move, and then they move, and then they move. New strangers enter your life as the latest removals van arrives and we carefully inform the newbie they live in Steph’s house. Soon Stranger Sarah is indoctrinated though a dining in night and street barbeque we know its Sarah's house now. Who used to live there? And then they move.

Having knocked on peoples doors at various times of day or night in random emergency’s including; locking myself out of my house, childbirth, child’s chocking, parcel delivery, or just for some simple sugar or egg borrowing. And as the military moves us on I then haven’t spoken to them since. Some lucky ones I’ve kept along the way as much as they stop me trying to come to their house and nosey at their newest quarter or wall colours in their forever homes.

Thank you to those friends that we all know and love and are awesome, just there when we need them to be. Even if we don’t speak to them often and just catch glimmers of their life through the lens of Facebook.

Good Friends are hard to find, harder to leave and impossible to forget.

Belle x

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