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The Planner that organises my life

Expert juggler can be added to the list of military spouse traits. Occasionally balls get dropped. As I am trying to sort bathtime, do kids homework, remember to ring Amey about the mould I may have forgotten to turn the oven on. T walks in after a very long shift and I produce a pie out of the oven. Ta da! Expert juggler - satisfied tick. Perhaps not, it’s completely frozen solid. Yep, I put a frozen pie in the oven for an hour to cook forgetting to put the oven on. The following week I forget to turn it down & T appeared to have a plate of charcoal. Ball shattered when I dropped them this time (well the plate did).

Thankfully the patch is always on hand with an answer for everything. Including learning how to juggle better so I can free up brain power to remember to turn the oven on! Having carefully admired spouses calendars, to do lists, children’s reminder lists & their super organising power Sandra (our have a go graphics designer) put together the Spouses planner. (download yours here )

I gave it a go with one printed sheet on a Sunday night. It literally CHANGED my life!! This is mostly due to the fact it has what we are having for tea on the planner!! Literally a lifesaver. No longer am I constantly trying to think of stuff for tea as everyone gets a say, write all the meals down, do the shopping & hey presto! Meals done. Even T doesn’t need to ask as all written down in advance & everyone gets to pick one so no complaining. It took a bit of effort actually planning ahead but its saved a lot of arguments and children's nagging.

Secondly it has a section for REMEMBER. this is in big letters as it’s a space to look at as you are leaving the back door & things you are randomly told by school/preschool to bring in. Eg sock for puppets, £1, card to post, etc. When T is suddenly about for school runs I can safety handover full control as everything he needs is written down by the keys he grabs as he goes out. I have also now added swimming kit in the remember section.

Finally, as well as a handy normal calendar and bottom sections for shopping lists as well as things to write on to tell hero T it’s totally awesome.

Please, have a go! It’s free & requires a little effort on your part in terms of printing it out & filling it in. But the time it’ll save us priceless. See how you get on. Print off and share with your friends. Let us know what you think.

Belle x x


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