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Throwing some kindness around


Be kind, look out for each other.

Throw kindness around like confetti.

If you can be anything, be kind.


But what even is kindness? What is a random act of kindness? How can we be kind to each other when we can’t even see anyone and are locked at home? This blog explores some simple ways to be kind & why being kind is so important to you and your wellbeing, not just those you are kind to.

Well-being and mindfulness are hot topics right now as we all deal with the 3rd lockdown and nearing our first ever lockdown anniversary. Being kind or giving is a proven way to improve our wellbeing. Yes, it’s scientifically proven if you give something to someone it makes you feel good to! Quick google on some scientific proof and this blog has come up with 6 ways its so good for you! 6 Science-Backed Ways Being Kind Is Good for Your Health - Quiet Revolution Well that’s a good start to make the world all feel better. Just imagine if everyone gave a cake to their neighbour. Everyone would have cake & everyone would feel better for both giving cake and getting cake. What a lovely world we live in, full of kindness and cake. Thankfully the first lockdown flour rationing hasn’t happened so its easier to make cakes or buy them 😊

But this little token of kindness is the same for the patch. You start giving cake to enough people. Eventually you might get one back. On the day you need it when spouse is away. You are hiding in the loo crying & you wipe away tears to answer the doorbell to be greeted by some cake. Your whole energy changes, the world is a light caring place, you aren’t alone and you are now ok. One of the built-in community aspects of the military is the patch, allowing this ease of looking out for each other because you can curtain twitch a tad to see if they are in.

Be kind, give cake. That’s one simple step to making you & others feel better.

Although it goes well with tea, cake might not always be everyone’s cup of tea and everyone doesn’t live next door. Second kindness is post things to people. Everyone’s at home they probably can’t wait for the postman either as another human being is in close contact meaning the world is still out there. The post people are now very good that you can just buy stamps online & post things as well as numerous delivery companies set up with drop off points 24/7. Chocolate bars, cards things that fit in an envelope.

Third confetti flutter is spending time together with people. Which now means we have to use our phones for their original purpose and ring people, text them, say hello. It can be as simple as a text hello to setting up a street quiz. All are spending time with people and all are an act of kindness. Simple one to give a go, pick 5 people you haven’t spoken to in a while and just ask them How are you? Again, isn’t it nice when someone you know texts you and asks? How are you?

Fourth throw from our little kindness bag is helping others out. It can be a bit trickier when people don’t ask for help but you could think what might be helpful? What would I need help with? Offer to mow the neighbour’s lawn. Offer to wash their car. (Oh my goodness neighbours if you are reading this I would love you forever if you offered this!). Put their bins out/take them in. Feel happy, make others happy & get clean cars & bins sorted. It’s an epic win situation. Often, we don’t always ask for help when we need it. Asking for help is a sign of strength, people like being helpful too.

Finally, just say nice things & smile at each other. Throw some compliments. Do some thumbs up. Not just generic I like that. Mean what you say. See the good in everyone. Find their sparkle & help it shine. Harder if you can’t see them but telling on Facebook when someone posts something than just stalker silence is kindness. How many compliments have you given a stranger? Once upon a time, a random person left a note on my bike saying “I like your bike!” I kept it for about 6 years on my noticeboard. It made me smile every time I looked at it. That one tiny note meant so much to me and I have no idea why. It was an old bike but got me to work and back, someone had noticed it & bothered to write me a heart-warming note about it. What notes can we give to warm others hearts?

Stick your hands in. Pick a good handful and throw some kind confetti about your community. See how much fun it is when you actually try a few little bits and throw them about. See the effect it has on others, so maybe we can all keep it up in the air and floating about and we will all surrounded by love and kindness.

Thanks for reading my rambles, until next time.

Belle xx

PS – How are you?

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