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Write in pencil is a running joke (our logo is a diamond not only for strength but as it’s made from carbon, like graphite in a pencil). & every military spouse deserves the medal in one format or another purely for this reason. The military changes wedding plans, holidays and even baby planning as duty calls.

I could write a long list of this one time we’d booked tickets, this one time my Mum was having a hugeee party, this one time was our childs first birthday & (you’ve guessed it) service requirements meant my spouse (let’s call him T) was no longer about.*

Here are my hilarious yet useful ways I have found to survive scheduling changes and relatives asking so where is T today?

1. If on the rare occasion they actually end up doing something "nice", do what they are up to. Once T ended up on a beach somewhere sunny and nice (& would cost us at least £10k to go as a family) so rather than despise their luck at planes breaking and diverting we act out as close as possible their fun. Beach trip was playing with a bowl of cous cous salt water & putting sun cream on in January. A trip to the exotic water park? We’ll join you there with a hosepipe stuck down our slide. I’m sure ours was more fun too. AT in a exotic land, time to get the girls round in the evening for some appropriate alcohol and food themed evening. We can even turn the heating up in summer so we can all empathise at the broken aircon in the office on FaceTime.

2. Photo bomb - gutted that T would yet again miss another family occasion I took him with me. Well a print out of his face about life size. Warning - Turns out elderly relatives can be fooled a tad too much by this trick. It started with family photo in the car sent to Extended family Whats app group - "We are on our way!!" Holding the flappy card head in one hand and phone in other and magically the kids looking it literally looks like we are all there. Who needs photoshop? I’ll be honest T looked a printed photo. Arrival at giant family gathering and elderly relatives wonder where T is so glance vaguely in direction of car park and mutter something about the car. It’s such a big party they soon won’t notice... luckily there is a photo booth! Off I pop for a few photos with photo head T and proceed to show elderly relatives our photos. Victory! No vague relatives asking where T is this time. He’s clearly in the photo booth so must be mingling somewhere or popped to the loo. Mum walks swiftly over, I’ve just had to tell Aunt Beryl the joke, she really thought he was here and sent Uncle Dave to the loos to check on him as he’d been gone such a long time & looked on deaths door in the car earlier.

3. Finally to deal with schedule changes & lots of crossings-out, rubbing and then no idea what I’ve actually written on the calendar I have found the ultimate plan where pencil is no longer required. I created a spinner that will just tell me what my husband is up to and I’d say with at least 99% more accuracy than what the schedule tells me. It makes me always safe in the knowledge the spinner knows what plans are a foot even if no one else does.

Print off your own when will my hero be home spinner in the Resources/Printable’s section.

Let us know what last minute changes you’ve had to deal with and how you cope best with them. & don’t forget to give yourself & friends a medal because let’s face it you deserve one.

Until next time where we describe the world of Magnolia we live in,


*On balance the last minute changes actually end up being a bonus more often than you’d think. We can’t make it as my husbands in the military, here are some VIP tickets for the date of your choice. My husbands got a day off as he’s in the military, please let us upgrade you to the executive suite. My plans may have changed but sometimes the unplanned journey leads you on a more fun path.

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