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From our last blog, not only do we still have our children close at hand, and haven’t had to put them on a train with a label like Paddington bear BUT we do have them 24/7. As a lovely lady said, its Exhausting. Thankfully we get our hour of daily exercise for a run about, that shudderingly reminds me of prisoner life. Don’t the worse ones get solitary confinement? (Thinking I haven’t spoken to an adult today), thoughts digress further that SAS Who dares wins uses sounds of children crying (tick tick) and sleep deprivation (tick, tick tick) as TORTURE no wonder I feel a bit on the rough side. If I count this is an SAS selection process will it make me feel better? Thank God for the patch though, my neighbour happens to deliver left over chocolate cake & my prisoner thought bubble is burst! Whooo hooo! Time to celebrate with… well Zoom it’s my little lockdown fling I started last year and now has become a bit addictive.

My whirlwind romance with Zoom* has been pretty quick but I think it might be a keeper. It was uncertain at first for the first few dates, a child’s gymnastics class & a piano lesson. But it seemed pretty easy to use. This is better than facetime as my whole family fit!

Tentatively we tried our military wives book club and actually it worked. My wonderful neighbours taught me about backgrounds and finding all sorts of other buttons. Oh yes there’s the chat button. Then Zoom Quizzes became the norm and I started to know what day of the week it was due to our regular zoom quiz.

Lockdown 3 and businesses are more tuned into the new virtual exitance, as well as consumers being more used to technology. My Facebook is now full of virtual events I can sign my friends & self-up to. Probably helped by Facebooks stalking algorithms listening to my keystrokes as I was typing about Zoom and virtual meetings. I might be in my home but I can escape to anywhere, should I join the LA cocktail making class? Even the Base and Military have worked out we can keep together a little bit on Zoom and have organised various events to keep us going. Hurrah! The various functions are now in a 2D form, but we don’t have to worry about getting home. Thank you to all those wonderful people who’ve got organised, learnt how to use technology and ordered wine/beer for tasting. (Medals for Community keystones can be bought from our Esty shop).

There is a LOT of online events, how many can you cross off your Bingo sheet?

Reflecting on this list interesting to think how much of our lives are now online. Has anyone gone as far as having their Summer/Winter ball converted to an online event? These are lines I haven’t crossed yet… What has been the most interesting zoom experience? I have learnt if it’s a big group to have a phone to hand and to text people. Turns out people can text almost faster than people can talk. You can almost see the people who are texting each other on calls if you look carefully enough…

In the past the main problem of Military events has often been childcare, the majority of deployed spouses have left kids behind too and it gets expensive trying to book a babysitter. If the whole street needs a babysitter and we all share the same 2 it gets harder still. But now the world is fully using the C in ICT (communication) and we can all chat happily in the comfort of our homes and pjs. Now the graph of friendship has changed as people leaving the patch still seem to be coming to the weekly quiz, its not like they need to do the 3 hour drive. In fact I’m not sure anyone has even noticed the neighbours have actually left. We see them on the quiz… The world actually feels even smaller now I can connect up so easily to people and events in the past I would have found inaccessible, too far to drive, to many childcare logistics.

I happily rave to my neighbour on Zoom about how yummy the chocolate cake was. Zoom might be a nice social communication stand-in for now but it doesn’t replace chocolate or hugs.

Belle xx

*Other Online Communication Devices are available; this is not a price comparison site though. It’s Married to the Military and my husbands gone away again site!

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