You may notice while browsing through our resources we have added our own logo. The RAF, Army, Navy all have enough of their own logos keep any printers happy so we thought it was time to design our own one specifically for those married to the military. 

The design was inspired by a display of RAF Sweetheart broaches from WW2 that RAF personal use to give their sweethearts as they went off to war. Sweethearts wore these badges as a symbol of pride for their spouse. Ours has taken some of these elements but added to them.

The circle represents the wedding band, the fact you are in this situation by marriage/commitment and "married to the military by default", however it also represents the fact you are in the circle of trust and are allowed on camps and access to places and events most people aren't. Thirdly it represents the circle of community that will always surround you and is one of the many benefits of being married to the military.

The Diamond represents the fact most people married to the military are very tough and enduring going through endless house moves and life changes. Diamonds also happen to be made from carbon, just like the lead in a pencil that we all learn our to write our calendars with. 

The coloured bar represents the clasp as seen on several sweetheart brooches. The colour of the bar represents the 3 services. Light Blue and Dark blue the air and sea and the purple for the Army and is also the colour to represent all branches of the military so used in other areas of the design. 

Our Motto Stength & Sparkle covers every single Military Spouse I've met, they have amazing strength to do what they do and sparkle and shine away even in darkness. 

We hope you like it and it makes you feel proud to be part of our community.